Gluten-Free Cooking For One

Celiac And The Single Girl, Or: How To Make Food That Does Not Suck For One Person {Although I Suppose You Could Feed Other People, Too}


Just Dessert

It’s just a peach, folks. Plain fruit. But it’s a peach of a peach and I thought I’d share it. Mmmmmmm, summer.



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Homemade protein powder – teff, whey, & rice

OK, folks. I whipped up a batch of this today and I want to put up the ingredients before I forget what I put in. Because I am so like that. lol

I didn’t have a couple of the ingredients (as always) so I faked it (as always). I’m drinking it in milk right now and I like the flavor ok, I can live with the level of grit, it seems good. Will let you know if I have any new thoughts later.

3 cups of instant non-fat dry milk
about a cup of teff flour (if you’ve never used teff, you should try it)
1 cup white rice flour (didn’t have brown)
lots of cinnamon – maybe 1.5 Tbsp
1 tsp nutmeg

Mix it up. Add to milk or smoothies. Voila!

I’m drinking 2 heaped spoons in about 10 oz of milk, well-stirred. It’s got a little grit to it, but very little. No more than most of the smoothies I make! I also didn’t add any sweetener — it’s not sweet but it’s not bitter or unpleasant. I wanted neutral and this is, except for the cinnamon. (I love cinnamon; I’ve often joked that I could probably eat a shoe if it had enough cinnamon on it.)

OK! I’ll check back in if I have any unexpected reactions or new thoughts!


Explaining my absence…

Hey, folks. Looking a bit sheepish here. I’ve been Not Cooking all summer, pretty much; and when I’ve had time to cook, I’ve basically been reading this blog and grabbing recipes out of the repository. Or slicing up cheese and various other nibblies. There’ve been a lot of salads and fresh fruit, and it hasn’t been even artistically sliced fruit; it’s been, “I think I’ll eat an apple while sitting on the patio with the dog” type fruit. lol So, nothing to write about. I’ve also been staying with my parents about three days a week while they’re in Michigan over the summer, and we eat together, family style. OK, Mom feeds me. 😀 So I’ve been laaaaazy.

However, my snowbird parents depart for warmer climes in three weeks, and the weather is turning crisp here… Ooh! Apple crisp… and I’m starting to think about baking and cooking with actual heat again, to help heat up my house, so I foresee more recipes. Hopefully, some new ones. :}

Hope you’ve had a lovely summer, and hope to see you soon. xo