Gluten-Free Cooking For One

Celiac And The Single Girl, Or: How To Make Food That Does Not Suck For One Person {Although I Suppose You Could Feed Other People, Too}

So are you, or aren’t you?


You had me, then you lost me. I was completely ready to buy this almond paste on the strength of its “gluten free” claim, until I took a look at the label. And then, see, no. No, no, no. When you list wheat as an allergen and an ingredient, I don’t freakin’ care how few ppm it is. I’m gonna react, because I am super-sensitive. So, um, nope.

Also, does this label sound a little defensive? lol


Author: Christine Na'imah

I am a pretty bubbly person. A dancer, a prancer, and sometimes a vixen. Romantic and striving for grace, but unfortunately the emphasis is on "antic"; occasionally lunatic, trying to be demure. Probably failing.

4 thoughts on “So are you, or aren’t you?

  1. What can the wheat actually even be doing if there is so little of it?

    • Sorry! Just saw this. I have a definite physical reaction to it: my tongue swells and gets sores on it, I get a sort of lockjaw / shoulder muscle rictus, I gain a couple of clothing sizes from swelling (I’ve actually split clothes before that fit fine before dinner — most notably, an antique lace dress at a concert split all up the back and I had to borrow someone’s sweater to tie around my hips so I could hide my underpants. NOT MY BEST EVENING, sartorially speaking) and of course there are lots of gastrointestinal side effects. Others have also noticed a definite change in my personality, although that could proceed from the pain and illness. :}

      • I should have been clearer — I mean, “what can the wheat be doing to create the product when there is so little of it?” — i.e., why are they even putting it in there if there’s practically none there.

      • lol OHHHHHHHHH Yeah. That was kind of my question, especially as they’ve gone so far as to market the product as gluten-free. But wheat starch, yeah. That’s a deal-breaker.

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