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Celiac And The Single Girl, Or: How To Make Food That Does Not Suck For One Person {Although I Suppose You Could Feed Other People, Too}

Homemade Protein Powder


I’ve been looking for a gluten-free protein powder to add to my shakes in the morning so they stick a little better. My problem is, I haven’t been able to find one at the local stores that’s both gluten-free *and* doesn’t contain stevia. DAMMIT, STEVIA. You give me migraines and that is not ok.

So I did a quick search on “homemade protein powder” because you know somebody’s doing it… and found this.

I think I’m going to whip up a batch of this this afternoon. Nuts sometimes are a migraine trigger, but I’m going to try it and see. If that fails, maybe I’ll start keeping ground up chickpeas in the fridge and schlop a spoonful of that in the blender with the rest of this recipe and my usual milk, yogurt, and fruit. Ooh! I bet, since this contains dry milk, I could just use water instead of milk. We’ll have to see!

I’ll let you know how it goes/tastes.


Author: Christine Na'imah

I am a pretty bubbly person. A dancer, a prancer, and sometimes a vixen. Romantic and striving for grace, but unfortunately the emphasis is on "antic"; occasionally lunatic, trying to be demure. Probably failing.

2 thoughts on “Homemade Protein Powder

  1. Fascinating. I admit that I’ve never thought about what is *in* the stuff (use it very rarely). And now I know you can’t eat raw lentils (not that I’d ever tried, but I’ll take that off my list, lol).

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