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More Beefy Stir-Fry Goodness

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This post is actually a twofer!! Lunch and dinner, and both were beefy. 😀
This afternoon I got a 3 lb. rump roast on sale – half of it went in the freezer, and the rest I divided: about 4 or 5 oz went into the fridge for dinner, and the rest I ground up to make more food for the dog and some hamburgers for me.

LUNCH: Parmesan/Worcestershire Burgers and Rice
(It occurs to me as I type this that the dog and I are on a very similar diet. In his case, it’s because he’s just getting back to normal after a bout of tummy troubles, and in mine, it’s due to laziness. Already made a bunch of rice for the dog? Grinding beef for the dog? Sure, I’d love some burgers and rice, thanks. :D)

Anyway, I boiled the ground beef for Snaps, as before – had to do it in two batches as the pan isn’t very large and I had a good bit of beef – and then put that away for the next couple of days.

For me, I took enough beef to make a couple of small patties (I like my burgers more done than not, so the smaller and looser the patty, the better – within reason), then added garlic salt, ground black pepper, and Worcestershire sauce (a fair amount, it’s yummy). Mixed that all together with my fingers without smooshing the beef, then formed it into loose patties. Fried those in olive oil until done and nicely brown on both sides, then took out the burgers and tossed rice in the pan with the juices, so I could heat up the rice and infuse it with that beefy flavor. While the burgers were still hot, I put a little piece of butter on top of each to melt, because butter is divinity. Put the rice next to the burgers, then a little bit of my favorite garlic/olive oil/parmesan/romano sauce on top and stirred it in. Then, because life is short and I love parmesan cheese, I sprinkled a bit more shredded parmesan on top, added a bit of salt, and then devoured it. Soooo good.

DINNER: Vaguely Asian Beef Stir Fry… Thing
And when I say “vaguely”, I mean vaguely. My ex used to make amazing international meals, and I’ve been hankering for a bit of Korean or Thai. I didn’t have most of the ingredients, but I tried for something with a similar feeling, and it was delicious. I sliced the beef thin, then marinated it for a little while in rice vinegar while I sliced up part of a sweet onion two ways: a coarse chop, for in the pan, and some thin-sliced onions, for sprinkling raw over the top. (I like the difference in the taste and texture between uncooked, cold onions with a little bit of crunch versus soft, sweet, warm, fried onions.) Melted about a Tbsp of coconut oil in the pan, then fried the meat until it was cooked, adding a little garlic powder and LOTS of black pepper (one of my favorite Thai meals is basically just meat in lots of black pepper and a sauce). Took that out while leaving the oil and beef juices in the pan, then softened the coarse-chopped onion in the juices. Wanted a bit of rice with this as well, so I tossed in a little into the pan to heat up while the onions finished cooking. Why use the microwave when I already have a hot pan?

Put the meat over the rice and cooked onions, then put a few pieces of the chopped raw sweet onion on top to finish. Delicious!!

Vaguely Korean-Thai beef stir-fry thing.  :}

Vaguely Korean-Thai beef stir-fry thing. :}

Two single-portion, gluten and corn-free meals from the same chunk of beef, and there’s more beef in the freezer. And each meal was a one-pan, one-knife endeavor, so I didn’t have much to clean up. In fact, I washed the same pan from lunch and just put it on the stovetop to dry, because I knew I was going to use it for dinner. I love when eating is simple. 😀


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