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Celiac And The Single Girl, Or: How To Make Food That Does Not Suck For One Person {Although I Suppose You Could Feed Other People, Too}

Light Ranch Dressingish Kind Of Thing

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How’s that for a moderately descriptive title? But this thing I’ve made is (as in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) a substance almost, but not quite, entirely unlike ranch dressing. I’m sure if you make it properly to the recipe, it’s much more convincing.

However!! I was instructed to eat more broccoli by my doctor a few years ago, I truly dislike plain broccoli, and this concoction made it possible for me to eat half a head at one go. Hooray!

The recipe:

What I actually made:

(I haven’t taken a photo yet – can’t find my phone at the moment – and I didn’t measure anything because I’m having a migraine and I’m lucky just to be preparing food. 😀 So you’ll only get vague descriptions, I’m afraid. Migraine days are like this: everything’s missing or not working, and you might as well just relax and do what you can with what you’ve got.)

about 1/2 c yoghurt (all I had was vanilla, but plain would have been *much* better)
1 Tbsp or so of mayonnaise (maybe a little more, to offset the sweetness of the vanilla yoghurt)
Italian spice mix
Salt & freshly ground pepper

Mixed ’em up and ate it. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever made; I wanted to add more tangy and hide some sweet, but that is beyond my mental capacities (and my caring) this afternoon.

If you’re in a pinch for chip dip, it may be closer to hand than you think!! 😀


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I am a pretty bubbly person. A dancer, a prancer, and sometimes a vixen. Romantic and striving for grace, but unfortunately the emphasis is on "antic"; occasionally lunatic, trying to be demure. Probably failing.

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