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Super-Posh Pill Pocket For A Super-Fussy Pooch

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I didn’t take any photos as this was an on-the-fly affair; my apologies. But I think you can kind of imagine what this would look like, pretty utilitarian and ugly. To the dog’s nose, however, with its jillions of scent receptors, I think it was probably the Sexiest Thing Ever. It certainly went down in one big “glorp”. :}

So today is the day for Señor Snaps’ monthly flea pill, which I usually put in a glop of peanut butter, and he usually chomps it down with joy and his tail wags and all is well. Not so this morning.

Yesterday for the first time ever, he turned his nose up delicately at peanut butter, and I am mystified. No clue why, after 6 months of a passionate love affair, he would have decided that PB is not “for him”; however, many and mystifying are the Ways Of Dog, so I just shrugged my shoulders and moved on. I meant to remember it this morning when I went to give him his pill, but forgot until I’d already put the pill in the PB with his dry food and set it down in front of him. He sniffed it, lifted one lip apologetically, and then backed away with a nervous tail wag… uh-oh, I thought. I added some carrot shavings. No luck, he picked out the carrot but left the rest with surgical precision. Dangit.

So, I thought, it’s time for a pill pocket. Went and fished the pill out of the peanut butter, then thought about my options. The pill pockets are, of course, made of rice flour and peanut butter. DOH!! So I needed another fat for the pockets. As I was thinking, my eye fell… on the jar of bacon fat. Oh, I thought, you lucky dog. lol

So I took a small dollop of bacon fat, mixed it with rice flour, and formed a small ball, which I then pressed the (gooey, disgusting) pill into. Put that into the freezer for about 10 minutes to harden, so Snaps would have a harder time simply licking off the good stuff and spitting out the pill. Also, hoping he’d “forget” (yeah, chance is a fine thing) that I was trying to give him a pill. As a final propitiating touch, I pulled out a piece of pre-cooked bacon from the freezer, tore off the end, and formed it around the now-hard pill pocket, using the warmth of my fingers to press it gently into the ball without melting the ball too much. Hey, it’s bacon. It didn’t have to look good, just tempt him enough so he’d eat it fast.

I put it in his bowl, which I’d washed to get the PB taint out, and moved back. He investigated gingerly, much of his brain thinking “pill pill pill pill pill” but it was a beautiful thing to watch as the scent receptors in his nose took over one by one and flooded his brain with “pill pill bacon? bacon bacon baconbaconbaconBACON BACON” gulp!!

Pill be gone!

And now his pill is down the hatch for another month, and my little boy is soooo happy because he thinks he banished the hated PB and the pill, and pulled one over on Mama besides.

And we both got to eat a little bit of bacon, so win-win there. 😉

Alternate Pooch Pill Pocket (1)

Dab of bacon fat (I store mine in an unromantic jar)
Enough rice flour to make a dough
Small piece of pre-cooked bacon (optional)

Form it into a ball – it will still be quite soft, and greasy, and a bit gross. Press the pill in, and put into the freezer for several minutes to harden. If you want to sexy this up at all, take a pre-cooked piece of bacon and form it around the ball once you’ve had it in the freezer to harden; the bacon may not adhere to the outside of the pocket very well, but it doesn’t have to be beautiful. It’s all about smell, not presentation, in dog feeding land. Or at least in Snaps feeding land. :}

**note: you could probably make a whole batch, but there would probably be health concerns with feeding your dog bacon-fat pill pockets every day, so be aware. For one, there’s the weight gain concern, and for another, you might cause excessive… um… “regularity”. Intestinally. With that much grease. But his or her coat would probably be really shiny, I’d imagine!! Erm. I’m not a vet, so just, yeah. I’d say probably not every day, any more than you would feed a human a huge piece of grease every day. lololol

Bon Appetit!! ❤


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