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Celiac And The Single Girl, Or: How To Make Food That Does Not Suck For One Person {Although I Suppose You Could Feed Other People, Too}

Breaded Pork Chop and Fries

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This may be a bit of a repeat, but I’ve not done this meal exactly this way before, so I thought I’d blog it (possibly) again.

NOTE: this is not a low-calorie meal. So, you know, take a walk afterwards; or if you must nap, make sure it’s an active sort of nap. 😉

I defrosted one pork chop from the freezer (my mom and I bought a big cut of pork back in November and my dad cut it up into pork chops, then we put them in freezer bags as singles or doubles. Now I can defrost one or two chops whenever I need, and the unit cost of each chop is slightly less than $1) this morning, so I had that ready to go.

I love breading my chops, but I’m (of course) gluten-free, and I felt more than usually lazy tonight, so I poured out enough Potato Pearls* dessicated mashed potatoes to cover the bottom of a smallish glass bowl (btw, I get the potatoes with the butter in them because I can have butter and I lurve it). I added salt and pepper and smooshed the chop down into the pearls, then flipped and smooshed, then flipped and smooshed, then repeated. I had to push the pearls into the chop because they’re so big that they don’t stick on their own; so it was a case of pressing them into the pork, to a certain extent.

I put the “breaded” pork into a pan with hot olive oil in it and browned it on both sides, then transferred it to a tin-foil covered pan in a 350F toaster over for about 25/30 minutes (until it was cooked through). You can kind of see in this photo where the pearls have somewhat “foamed” into mashed potatoes when they made contact with the hot oil, although some of them stayed in their crunchy pearl shape. As someone who hasn’t had anything “properly” breaded since 2004, this tasted like a dang good alternative to me!!


Looks like something from outer space… o.O

Meanwhile, I had a potato I’d cooked earlier handy, so I sliced that into wedges and then fried them in more hot olive oil with garlic salt, rosemary, and thyme. Once everything was done, I put it on the plate with ketchup, salted/peppered, and devoured. YUM.



If you’re Celiac and truly avoiding gluten religiously, then you probably don’t have french fries more than once or twice a year (unless you have a really good restaurant near you with a dedicated frier)… this is a simple and quick way to make some fries any time you like. (There are hints I’ve read about cooking the potato first, then freezing the fries before frying, so that the sugars in the potato slices will develop more completely; I hear that’s what makes McDonald’s fries SO amazing. Well, that and that they sugar them a little before frying. Myths and legends abound!! But that will be an experiment for another day.)



Slightly better, although not much, in the photo department. lol

*Potato Pearls can be bought at Gordon’s Food Service – they’re pretty much the best thing ever as far as instant mashed potatoes go, imho. If you don’t know where you could get some, – this will also give you an idea of what the bag looks like, or a listing of contents if you’d like.)


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