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Uses for the Ginger Syrup

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When I make a batch of the crystallized ginger, one of the side products is the sugary syrup infused with ginger. I haven’t been incredibly adventurous with using the ginger syrup in the other recipes because I love it for its own sake so much, but here are some of the ways I’ve been using it:

* A dollop in the bottom of a coffee mug with hot or boiling water added will make ginger tea. You could also add, you know, tea if you wanted. 😀

* A Tbsp or so in a glass of cold water to flavor it slightly, because if you’re like me, you don’t drink nearly enough water. I can get myself to drink a lot more water if it’s lightly flavored.

* The concoctions above are also great for colds, sore throat, and nausea. Ginger has long been a natural remedy for colds, nausea, and pain. I also drink this for headaches. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t – I get truly industrial strength headaches, so sometimes nothing short of a big shot of painkiller would help. :} Hey, truth in advertising, right? lol

* I like the ginger syrup in milk – especially late at night, if I have insomnia and nausea or aches and pains – I’ll warm up a glass of milk and add a Tbsp or two of ginger, then sip it while reading in bed. Mmmmmm. (Preferably while reading a comfort-book, like Little Women, or a really really trashy romance novel)

*Add it to hot cocoa – I love ginger and chocolate. (Are you getting bored with this theme of drinking it? Because I drink a lot of liquids. Don’t worry, there are non-liquid applications coming. A couple, anyway. :}  )

* A Tbsp or two of the syrup in club soda will give you a homemade form of ginger beer — it’s a cheaper way to get a good sharp ginger beer reminiscent of Reed’s or the Trader Joe’s Triple Brewed, but without the cost — and you can control how much sharp ginger flavor you have in it.

* OK! Food applications, as promised!! You can drizzle the syrup over ice cream by itself, or you could heat it up in a small saucepan with some jam or marmalade (my favorite) to make a glaze, then drizzle that over the ice cream. Come to think of it, the ginger/marmalade glaze would be delicious on an apple tart or pie as well. With the ice cream. OMNOMNOMok I have to stop thinking about that. I’m actually drooling right now.

* A ginger glaze on ham. Yessssssss…

* Drizzled over a poundcake, especially mixed with the liqueur of your choice – or over shortcake with fruit, or – well. You get the idea. :}

* Speaking of liqueurs, I can’t drink due to migraines, so I leave the use of this ginger-infused simple syrup in cocktails up to you. Let me know if you come up with anything particularly fiendish.

I imagine it might work in place of liquid sweeteners in some recipes, but I haven’t been baking as much as usual (since I’m on vacation & not in my own kitchen) so I haven’t had a chance to try it. I’m also looking forward to trying out it on some meat dishes over the rest of the winter, which looks to be brutal. Yikes!! Ginger to the rescue!


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